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Seperate from the masses


We must inspire our children to be different; to separate from the masses. Teach them to not only have dreams, but encourage them to follow them. Dare them to be different; unique; instead of being interchangeable parts in the same broken system by which we're enslaved. That's like planting a rose in concrete and expecting it to flourish; failure's inevitable. If we recycle the teachings of our parents, our children will be our carbon copy; doomed to repeat our same mistakes. By learning from broken people, our offspring will, in turn, be flawed, thus, it is our responsibility to break this cycle of generational vagabondage and crime; this is not our natural state. We have been engineered to act in this manner. Subjugated by the dominant society; miseducated to hate our own identity. Indoctrination persuades us to impulsively participate in the same barbaric practices, we profess disdain towards. The oppressed imitates the oppressor by oppressing themselves and then they foolishly seek acceptance in a world in which they will never be seen as equal. Only once we abandoned the mindset of those who envy our greatness, may we truly advance as a people. For we are nearing a pivotal point in our history; our future rests upon our preparation and dedication to properly secure our prosperity. We are our only hope.

Though we have witnessed and withstood adversity, our trials and tribulations are simply the Creator confirming our strength and resiliency to withstand that which is to come. Like all of nature, life itself has ebbs and flows, ups and downs, but what is rarely mentioned is life's plateaus. These brief moments can easily compare to that of a resting place for the development of oneself; preparation for the next stepping stone. Each one teaches us a new lesson, some we learn quicker than others; some we have to repeat in order to gain the wisdom we will need to face life's newest challenges, but only once these teachings are taught may we advance to the next level of our understanding. This is not a comfortable process. It is at this stage in our life's journey when many of us fail to reach our full potential because it is here, where we must face ourselves. For far too long we have allowed our light to be hidden, but no longer will we sit in darkness waiting to be accepted. Only within the depths of our greatness, do we find the strength we will need in order to empower our future, but we must have the confidence to act upon that power. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

-N. M., Jr.