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Our Mission

Our mission is to better influence the future by investing in those who shall lead it, the children of today. We must not only show them how to be leaders, but we must instill in them the confidence to do so. That's why, when you purchase our Infinity 6 Power Bracelets,  we give school uniforms to community students on your behalf.

“The children of today will be our leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, we must invest in them today.” -N. M., Jr.


Why School Uniforms?
Each year, many of our children fail to reach their true potential. More often, this is due to a the lack of confidence. Research shows, when a child feels sure of their appearance, they're likely to be more confident in themselves and their abilities.

How Confidence Empowers Children

Children with high self-confidence:

  • Feel respected
  • Are resilient and can feel proud, even when they make a mistake
  • Have a sense of control over activities and events in their life
  • Act independently
  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Are comfortable and secure in forming relationships
  • Have the courage to believe in their own values and make good decisions, even in the face of peer pressure
Our products are not only great fashion statements; they serve as both a symbol of our contributions and commitment to the future, and our divine connection to its leaders! Are we ready to empower the future?